Welcome to Conscious Healing with Anne Marie Wiesman

Anne Marie is an Intuative Coach and who helps you begin to heal and thrive.

After years of barely surviving and certaininly not thriving and wanting a better life Anne Marie began her healing journey. Her recovery first began in the rooms of Al-anon, reading lots of books and counseling.

While of those steps helped it wasn’t until she began incorporating Hypnosis and AMMET approved EFT Tapping into the process, that deep healing and recovery began to take root .

It was a game changer. So much so that Anne Marie became a certified Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner in the hope that should could help others like her.

She moved from survivor to thriver and now shares what she has learned over the last 16 years of recovery work with you through her video’s courses and one on one sessions.

Everything Anne Marie teaches through her videos and courses are things she has personally overcome. She believes that if she can chnage her life from where she was anyone can. Her passion is in helping others who are suffering the way she did.

You can take the first step toward your recovery and healing journey. You deserve to thrive. Begin today!